Portugal: Land of legend

I had always wanted to go to Portugal. With its cities of yellow chipped paint, Moor tiles, a hollow echo of peoples and wars past, and an endless expanse of sun. The former edge of the world. Birds chirping, Moroccan beads, cod fish and more cod fish, fingers strumming guitar strings, and the exaggerated guttural […]

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Old & New

This week has been a crazy one with friends visiting from college and childhood to explore the Big Apple in a action-packed and exhausting, but very beautiful week. Ruthie was my first friend ever. Growing up, when people would throw shade on Gemini’s twin personailities, I always took the astrological sign to mean I had […]

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My friend Jonathan and I always fantasize shooting fashion lookbooks and this June we finally got around to doing it. (He also always flames me for never posting pics of him, so here’s a whole PHOTOSHOOT!) When we were shooting he’d get nervous and be like idk how to model!!!! Then hit me w the […]

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Puerto Rico

A couple weeks ago was my second time in Puerto Rico and surely not the last. This place is just so beautiful and the climate– I cant even describe it. It’s just perfect for my soul. So warm you can wear any teeny tiny thing and feel natural and sunkissed, no cold, no frigid wind, […]

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New York II

And just like another three months have come and gone. Part of the reason I decided to go to Northwestern was for the Journalism Residency program, a chance to play reporterĀ in any city you’d like, in mostly any capacity you’d like. I knew from my first day of orientation at Medill that I wanted to […]

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I remember it was bitterly cold, a gnawing cold I gladly left in Chicago and did not welcome. But this tiny city was incredibly cool with a distinct and certainly harsher charm. Teeny cobblestone streets, chic little stores and cafe’s, millions of bikes (in fact, more bikes than people). I was thankful for the history […]

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