Greece: Santorini & Athens

My first trip out of Spain was a dream, a literal dream. I was buzzing with excitement as I got off the plane, I was so into filming every step of the way that I lost my camera lens cap on the flight but alas the views were worth it. Everythinggggg was beautiful from the mountainous terrain around me, the glittering water so close by, to the arid land, scraggly trees, the white stone homes. I was only in Santorini for a few hours, but we made that time count. After checking into the cute little hotel we went to Oia, the area that everyone suggests to visit for sunset. It’s also the quintessential Santorini postcard. Climbing about the steep mountainous area is harder than it looks on the small and skinny stone steps. Finding your way around is another feat as there aren’t really street names just random little paths to the beautiful dome shaped white and blue homes. These homes are seriously paradise, some with little jacuzzis and outdoor pools over looking the sea and mountain view. We walked past a couple eating dinner outside casually looking at that view, like damn what an easy lifestyle. This island doesn’t have the busy city pulse, it’s truly its own protected gem of simple beauty and simple life. We took in the breathtaking views and enjoyed a bomb dinner of lamb meatballs rice and tomato sauce and a classic glass of wine. This area is crawling with stray cats and mid meal a little kitten was curled onto one of the chairs at our table just waiting for food.

After dinner and relaxing we met up with some friends from my study abroad program and explored the Santorini nightlife, which is small and definitely not busy as its not really tourist season, but was still really fun to experience. Such a contrast from the big, flashy, claustrophobic Barcelona clubs.

The following day we flew to Athens and I got to stay with my lovely friend Caroline and experience a day in her life. Let me tell you Athens is AWESOME. Maybe it’s because my elementary school made us learn Latin and Greek Mythology and all that good stuff, but being there, where so much of what I learned took place, was preeeeeetty dope. Athens is a cool city, definitely European, but with more grit, graffiti, and cooler fashion I also feel like its more full, there are SO many people, everywhere all the time. All the cafes, always have people outside or inside, sipping SOMETHING whether its coffee or a cup of wine, people like to gather and chat and spend the evening away together. That’s something I really love about the culture here, Spain and Latin America share that as well. Caroline lives in a dope neighborhood with reallllly good food like the best souvlaki (aka a gyro) I ever had, a beautiful bakery filled with mouth-watering goodies, an adorable cafe with really lovely staff that we hit up twice for cafe fredo which is basically a cappuccino but the milk on top is whipped till it reaches frothy heaven.

We visted the Acropolis which was stunning and beautiful, but definitely needed more informational guides along the way. Still really incredible to witness, like that was built 5,000 ago…and I freak out when I find stuff in Chicago from the 1800’s. History is on a wholeee other plane here. We roamed the awesome flea market called Monastiraki Square where we got some pretty dope jewelry and ate the yummy meatballs pictured above. Another day we swam in an amazing hidden cove with little dark fishes swimming below us and huge rocks surrounding us, a moment that felt right out of a movie. I fell in love with the views, the hustle of the streets, and the friendly culture of friendgathering, drink sipping, and people watching.

Overall it was an awesome four days in Greece meeting new people and being acquainted with new cities and an entirely new lifestyle. Greece, I’m coming back for ya…future bae take note. We finished my stay with drinks at a rooftop bar with views of the Acropolis all lit up!


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