Barcelona Moments




How do you sum up the most incredible four months into a couple paragraphs? I can’t even begin to describe the amazing people I met, all so different with such interesting stories. I can’t even convey just how beautiful the Barcelona sunset is, how many times I’ve basked in the slow set on the roof of my residence, simply sighing at how I could never get used to its beauty. How can I explain the relationships I’ve formed that just resonate on a different chord than the relations from home. I can tell you that I’m indefinitely in love with Barcelona and I will return to Spain very shortly. This experience has left such an imprint on my heart and soul, I feel like I’ve grown so much through every conversation, every new country, and every person I’ve come across.

Its such a great feeling to have people visit me in Barcelona, to be able to show them around, flaunt my little Gaudi knowledge (shouts to Imma), and be able to share newly adopted culture and home. Cause after four months that’s how I feel about Barcelona, it feels like home. The people I’ve met and left, they feel like home too.

I suppose this is my Ode to Barcelona post. A reminisce. I landed earlier today in Chicago and I cried. Not cause I was coming home but more because it was a mark of finality to my study abroad experience. That landing meant I was landing back to reality, back to my real world. But after meeting so many people, so many international figures, I begin see the world as so much smaller and I begin to beg the question– why can’t Barcelona continue to be a part of my reality?

Barcelona firstly, is just a straight up gorgeous place. The sun seems to kiss this place with such favor over other countries. The day is always warm under the sun’s rays and the cold is never that cold. Everything seems constantly basked in light, buildings take the color of yellows, oranges, reds, and gold. I’ll miss the classic buildings with small patios outside windows, some with printed facades of intricate designs and colors. You never see a home that pretty in the States.

I’m gonna miss Gaudi. He’s straight up the man, his places never cease to awe me. Once again shout out to Imma my Gaudi teacher who enlightened me on a whole otha level. Molt bé.






Going to miss kissing people to greet them, going to miss menus del dia and delicious tortilla bocadillos, going to miss the super efficient metro, my white little cube room in Melon, going to miss the bubble men, the winding pathways of El Born, the grandeur of Arc de Triomfe and Parque de la Ciutadella, the tapas, the good beer, the better sangria, the grungy style, the platform shoes, the bomb chocolate donuts, the pride of the people whether its for independentismo o Barca, going to miss running along the beach, being able to just sit and watch the water at ease, gonna miss the kind people. I’m going to miss that people love to dance here and are always more than willing to dance along with me. Going to miss walking and wandering on my own, picking up a coffee along the way and simply enjoy the views along the way. I feel like this place is just happier, it makes me happier. 

IMG_5596IMG_5820Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’ll remember the panic I used to feel at the beginning of the program when my floor’s kitchen was full of Spaniards and I was the only English speaker hiding in the corner. I’ll remember the torture I suffered when I lost my phone at bling bling but thanks to find my iphone and help from the homies we were able to get it back and celebrate by dancing at Otto Zutz. I’ll remember the random luck Sara and I had, we always ran into each other when we needed to and always without trying…it happened in Santorini and in Paris when both times my phone had died. I’ll cherish the memory of teaching my cute 5th grade and kindergarten students English, I’ll maybe even miss my school UB at the Universitat stop which was just so pretty it made class worth it…sometimes…

Everyone I’ve met either from my program, from my floor, randomly in the street I feel has opened my mind in a way. Just hearing someone’s story is so simple yet can be so enlightening, or maybe that’s just the journalist in me.





IMG_7200Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



My long flight home left me thinking about several things…I’ve learned to be open, open to all kinds of people, foods, cultures, new experiences. I’ve learned that there’s something to learn in every person you come across. I’ve that wonderful things can happen when you explore a city alone. I’ve learned that Spain is a culture that just sits so well with my personality, I’m glad I trusted my gut and spent four wonderful months here. Adjusting didn’t take much time there, I always get so excited by new cultures and sites, I absorb it easily. I think adjusting back will be the harder part…but I suppose that’s the romance of it.




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