Look on the Street

Two of Northwestern University’s fashion addicts (and ReFresh Dance Crew dancers) share three spring time looks and their thoughts on campus fashion, personal style, and 3 key coveted pieces.


Jennifer Abel

“I don’t have a specific style, its more of what air I’m feeling at the moment. I really like the Victorian era with the frills and the bows, I like the 70s the high-waisted trend and the chokers, and I also like the European chill vibe as well. Like other pre-meds what I wear depends on if I have lab or not or if I have dance rehearsal.”






Sharon Wei

“I feel like fashion at Northwestern at least in the theater department is quite vibrant, people tend to be a little more eccentric and more hipster. For the rest of NU, I feel like its very standard American: Canada goose, Hunter boots, vineyard vines, etc. But you can find a few individuals that are willing to experiment.”




“I’m very extroverted. I play around with colors a lot. I like big statement pieces, big statement necklaces. I remember my friend last year would say that my necklaces were very flashy and too much, but I love that, I love it when what I wear can intrigue people. I love big statement pieces that fit my big personality whether its big colorful necklaces or big elegant coats.”






“I think style is about incorporating your personality into what you wear, I think if you get more in touch with your creative side and your clothes, then I’d be able to see visually pieces of who you are, without you even speaking to me and I think that’s the really cool thing about style and fashion.”




“3 pieces I covet at the moment are a baby pink bomber jacket because I want to get more into the athletic vibe. A camel or gray coat to contrast my black ones. And a pair of light colored shoes to experiment with colorful footwear.”





“My 3 favorite pieces are my long Zara coat that I wear all the time that’s flowy and elongating, even if I’m wearing something casual I throw it on and feel more elegant. Something I really want is a baby pink wool coat to pop when I’m walking along Sheridan. And the thing I can’t live without are my platform boots.”

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