I remember it was bitterly cold, a gnawing cold I gladly left in Chicago and did not welcome. But this tiny city was incredibly cool with a distinct and certainly harsher charm.

Teeny cobblestone streets, chic little stores and cafe’s, millions of bikes (in fact, more bikes than people). I was thankful for the history tour we did that took us throughout the quarters of the city, through the old Jewish quarters, De 9 Straatjes, gave us history to how this marshy area became populated and who’s water foundations caused the houses to lean forward over time.

We found the skinniest building in the world. I find these apartments so funny, they look like old fashioned grandfather clocks, slightly leaning forward, with hooks hanging at their arched roofs, and with frosted adornments.

Four days in this city was too many, which led us to explore the windmills and village areas. Isn’t that cute? They actually call teeny towns villages. The homes are warm and colorful, very toasty. I suppose you have to compensate for the brisk cold and gray skies. Harsh outside, but a warmth inside. That seems consistent on many levels here. Despite the harshness, there’s something that’s hooked my curiosity.  I imagine it’s incredible in the summer. So know my heart yearns to know the Dutch city come summertime…



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