New York II

And just like another three months have come and gone.

Part of the reason I decided to go to Northwestern was for the Journalism Residency program, a chance to play reporter in any city you’d like, in mostly any capacity you’d like. I knew from my first day of orientation at Medill that I wanted to work for a magazine in New York City. I was a bit obsessed with New York. I thought Chicago was old news (don’t get me wrong, Chicago still wins best city on the world, bet) but I wanted the grit, the smoke, the speed, the skyscrapers, the color, the jazz, the Broadway soundtrack to my life. I wanted to play Carrie, be Devil Wears Prada, a journalism version of the Mindy Project (possible amirite?)

After a turnaround of unexpected events, it was determined I would work for People Magazine for three months. I went in with no expectation and came out incredibly happy, enriched, and well a real journalist. And let me tell you, I love People. Everyday I did something new, I talked to incredibly cool people, and as kid who crafted magazines for her parents to read from Microsoft Paint, let me tell you there is nothing cooler than seeing your name printed in a magazine.  I left with such a sad but full heart. I learned so much and loved it so much I never wanted to leave.

People was just a part of the package. Where better to be young to lose and find yourself than New York City? Everyone comes to NYC. Sometimes it felt like the center of the world. When I would start to feel a bit homesick, a stream of friends would visit, just passing through. But that’s everyone here. Just passing through. Some of my favorite moments were walking through the Met and Central Park with my best friend, figuring out the trains, passing Freedom Tower and the World Trade Memorial on my morning walk to work, Cafe Habana for the Yucateco hot sauce when I was homesick, walking round the village, interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch, hearing John Legend’s angelic voice fill Riverside Church, bumping into high school friends in the unlikeliest of places, discovering La Esquina’s basement lounge on Halloween Night, beers on Stone Street, dance classes at HOM, never making it to duck duck, one million cups of amazing coffee, and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

But I’ll be back, best believe. Til then…





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