Barcelona Moments

How do you sum up the most incredible four months into a couple paragraphs? I can’t even begin to describe the amazing people I met, all so different with such interesting stories. I can’t even convey just how beautiful the Barcelona sunset is, how many times I’ve basked in the slow set on the roof of […]

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Paris, France

Paris is unlike any other city I’ve visited. It is a myriad of things. At first thought, it is the harmonious accordion melody, it is exquisite style, it is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s frosted wedding cake buildings, it is good food and fancy people. The more I learn about the place and spend time there the […]

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Greece: Santorini & Athens

My first trip out of Spain was a dream, a literal dream. I was buzzing with excitement as I got off the plane, I was so into filming every step of the way that I lost my camera lens cap on the flight but alas the views were worth it. Everythinggggg was beautiful from the mountainous terrain […]

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First post from Barcelona and its about time, its been over a month here. Don’t really know why I have writer’s block, everything’s so new it’s taking time to absorb. While it’s been rough to write, I’ve still been busy shooting around with the camera — so *~Medill~* Here’s a long video (sorry, future ones […]

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Qatar: an adventure in the Middle East. Click on my Qatar Blog  to read about my adventures in sand dunes and in the bustling markets.

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Ecuador 2014 A summer of reconnecting and recollections, falling in love with my culture, and unravelling my family roots. Here are 4 posts of my journey. Post 1 06/12/14 It’s day 7 (It’s well past day 7 but I wrote this a while ago) of Ecuador and I can’t believe time has moved so swiftly and […]

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